So, if how I weave those details together gets you excited and if you think we'd vibe, I'd love to chat it up and hear all about your story!!

Being a filmmaker doesn't simply mean I am capturing your wedding on video. It means weaving together all the little details, from everything I capture during your day, to organizing your clips, to stylish edits, to music, and so on.

Beyond the creative technicalities, it means becoming someone you can connect with and trust with the curation of the most important cinematic story of your life.

wedding filmmaker and storyteller with a passion for the details

Hey! I'm Mason

I deeply value the power of connection and trust. I believe that the essence of your special day is captured not just in the grand moments, but in the subtle exchanges where your true personalities shine. My goal is to create a space where you feel completely at ease, allowing your unique love story to unfold naturally.

By building a relationship based on trust and understanding, I ensure that your film is a true reflection of your, your partner's, and your relationships' individuality and special bond. With a focus on genuine, candid moments, I strive to encapsulate not just the event, but the emotions and essence of your day, crafting a timeless keepsake that resonates with the heart and soul of your journey together.

I'm here to make sure you're comfortable enough to let your personality and love shine

My Approach

I have been to over 12 different countries! 

A Fun Fact

running - Started in 2020 and haven't looked back

Music - I am a music artist (I go by "ehren" if you wanna check out my Spotify) and producer

Videography (DUh) - I pursue other video industries as well!

I'm a creative at heart, so naturally a lot of my other hobbies stem from that passion!

Sh*t that hypes me up

I was born and raised in Louisiana, and eventually moved to Virginia! Today I am based in both places, but also love traveling for sessions.

where I came from

A little more behind the scenes

arE you viBing With my stylE?